Old Fashioned. First World Problem. Peachy Keen. NY Sour. Purple Goat Punch. Oaked Cherry Blossom. 

Here are six of your favorite cocktails in Rochester, MN, as voted on by the readers of Rochester Magazine.

Old Fashioned at Bleu Duck Kitchen

Old Fashioned at Bleu Duck

Photo courtesy Rochester Magazine

The ingredients: Bourbon, rye, turbinado, house batch bitters.

The drink: The whiskey old fashioned has been a drink of choice since the late 1800s. While the recipe remains largely the same, what sets Bleu Duck’s old fashioned apart are the hand-picked, high quality ingredients—from the alcohol to the sugar to the housemade bitters.

First World Problem at Bitter & Pour

First World Problem at Bitter and Pour

Photo courtesy Rochester Magazine

The ingredients: Buffalo Trace bourbon, demerara sugar, house bitters.

The drink: Perfect cocktails need perfect ice. Bitter & Pour takes ice seriously (they have a whole Facebook post dedicated to it), and the First World Problem is no exception. The drink has a single square cube of clarified ice which, aside from looking cool, allows for a chilled drink that won’t water down quickly.

Peachy Keen at The Workshop

Peachy Keen at the Workshop

Photo courtesy Rochester Magazine

The ingredients: Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom vodka, white peach puree, pineapple juice.

The drink: What’s better than a garnish that adds a pop of color? How about one you can eat! Topped with a peach ring, the (unofficial) candy of childhood summers, the Peachy Keen, served up at The Workshop’s full service bar, is the (unofficial) drink of adulthood summers.

NY Sour at Sorellina’s

NY Sour at Sorellina's

Photo courtesy Rochester Magazine

The ingredients: Bourbon, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, wine foam.

The drink: In the (just over) one year Sorellina’s has been open they have: graced the cover of the Rochester Magazine, been voted one of Rochester’s five Best New Restaurants, and made the top cocktails list. This success shouldn’t be surprising considering her sister restaurant, Victoria’s, is a longtime Rochester favorite.

Fun fact: Sorellina’s owners, cousins Nadia and Jordan Victoria, are the children of the Victoria’s owners (hence their last name!).

Purple Goat Punch at Purple Goat

Purple Goat Punch

Photo courtesy Rochester Magazine

The ingredients: Don Q silver rum, Tempus Fugit creme de banane, strawberry puree, passion fruit puree, orgeat syrup, lemon.

The drink: The Purple Goat Punch is an Orange Julius-inspired drink for the 90s mallrat in all of us. A purple flower garnish, tiki glass, and some high quality rum help turn this slushie into a beverage fit for even the classiest adult. It’s truly da bomb.

Oaked Cherry Blossom at Zen Fusion

Oaked Cherry Blossom at Zen Fusion

Photo courtesy Rochester Magazine

The ingredients: Woodford bourbon, cherry vanilla bark bitters, simple syrup, splash soda, flamed orange peel.

The drink: While there’s no dog-themed cocktails (yet!) Zen Fusion does offer a full dog-friendly Pup Grub menu. Served on their pup friendly patio, K9 diners have the option to order steak, chicken, or sushi rolled by Sushi Chef Andy. Join your dog, order off the human menu, and try the Oaked Cherry Blossom, reminiscent of Japan’s famous cherry blossom festival.